Pliny is easy to install, simple to use and packed with features.
A fast, modern and simple Ocular diagnostic information system
Cloud Based Ocular Service

Ocular & Cardiology Platform

Pliny provides a unified view of all your patient diagnostic scans in a single place, allowing you to spend less time wrestling with your computer and more time seeing patients.
Designed by ophthalmologists and optometrists, for ophthalmologists and optometrists.
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A fast, modern and simple Ocular diagnostic information system
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Why Pliny

Pliny does not replace your existing diagnostic, EMR and practice management tools, rather it allows you to quickly identify the few scans that require further examination in your existing specialty software.

From as little as $99 per month for up to 5 users plus a one off server cost of $1,995 it has been proven to increase the number of patients you can see in a day.

Developed by ophthalmologists and optometrists specifically for eye care professionals, Pliny is secure, easy to install and simple to use.


Who Uses Pliny

From ophthalmology to cardiology, Pliny is favourable for modern clinics and practices.

Pliny is built using latest Amazon high availability server & security technology with fully encrypted communications.

Pliny hybrid cloud keeps all patient data locally in your clinic and access is restricted to authenticated users physically located within your network.

Pliny cloud services meet HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements and the system can be CE certified.

Pliny is designed to be fast and work along side your existing work flow with quick launch buttons to vendor software.

Pliny can be extended with custom plugins allowing integration with common practice management & EMR systems, such as Optomate and more.


The dashboard gives immediate access to patients that have had a scan.You can choose to show patients that have had a scan in the 15 minutes, 30 minutes or anytime today.

When working in a busy clinic, you can search the patient list instantly to locate the correct patient.

Looking for details on any patient, no problem. Search for any patient directly from the dashboard. Giving you access to all of your patient's details in one place.

Pliny has been works with single and multiple monitors. With a single monitor, you can go directly to a bilateral view showing all a patient’s scans. If you use multiple monitors, quick launch buttons allow you to launch with a single click a patient across multiple windows.

Pliny Bilateral Screenshot - Shows both left and right hand scans from the current visit

Bilateral View

Pliny allows you to quickly change between a bilateral and unilateral comparison view.

The bilateral view displays scans on a single page, allowing you to review all of a patient’s scans from a visit at once and quickly identify scans that require further investigation. Bilateral scans are presented next to each other for ease of use.

At the top of the page, you can view the dates a patient has a scan and can quickly review scans across multiple visits.

You can customise this view or create different views for different conditions. Change the display order. Include all scans or show only specific ones. These views will be valuable for use wherever you use Pliny.

Pliny Bilateral Screenshot - Shows both left and right hand scans from the current visit

Unilateral Comparison View

With the unilateral comparison view, you can display scans from different visits at one the same screen. You can quickly toggle between visits to monitor for longitudinal changes in your patient's eye health.

Pliny works alongside your existing software and equipment, making your life easier. Pliny provides one click access to other software, such as OCT reporting software, vendor diagnostic packages and your practice management software. This reduces the chance of reviewing the details of the incorrect patient. Improving patient safety and frees you up from struggling with your computer allowing you to focus on your patient.

Pliny Bilateral Screenshot - Shows both left and right hand scans from the current visit
Pliny makes working your existing equipment and software better.
It can display images from nearly every diagnostic machine.
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